10 Travel hacks to help your Baby sleep on Holiday

1. Make the room dark using aluminium foil or black bin bags and masking tape.

2. Bring clothes pegs to pin together hotel curtains. This is handy for getting your baby to wind down for a midday nap.

3. Use Inflatable bedrail for your child if it’s older than 12 months or you can roll up extra towels under the fitted sheet to keep your sleeping baby safe from falling off the bed.

4. Turn the hotel bathroom into a nursery. Choose an accommodation that has a roomy, well ventilated and dark. The fan substitutes for white noise too.

7. Bring their conformer, cot sheet, sleeping bag and blanket too, so it will feels and smell more like home.

8. Bring Glow-in-the-dark tape for those toddlers who may go bump in the night, searching for the bathroom or your room.

9. Bring a roll of duct tape for babyproofing your room placing a piece over each electrical outlet and even on the toilet to hold the lid down.

5. Use a breathable pram sunshade to help your baby to sleep when you are out and about

10. Download a soothing noise app and find your baby favourite sound prior of your holiday, it will be useful when you want to put your baby asleep when you are out.

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