20 Tips for flying with young children

  1. Pack plenty of snacks and treats and feed them on the takeoff and landing so their ears don’t hurt
  2. Ask to check-your cabin luggage (this is usually free of charge)
  3. Strollers (even big ones) and car seats can be checked or gate checked and don’t count as a piece of luggage. If you’re checking your car seat at the gate use a protective bag as they tend to get beat up in transit.
  4. Rent a cot and a high chair at your destination
  5. Book a basic grocery delivery for when you arrive that includes nappies and wipes
  6. Bring a soft toy to use as pillows/wedges to keep their necks comfortable and their heads up
  7. Plan your travel around the little one’s sleep schedule.
  8. Use a sling to carry the baby around the airport hands free. Many brands support toddler weights too! Carry you Prima bag in your front.
  9. Even if you have priority boarding go on the plane last so you minimize the time you spend with a child on the plane.
  10. Bring a change of clothes for you as well in case of a major diaper blowout or vomiting incident. Use Prima Bag wet clothes pocket to pack any wet items
  11. Bring a couple new toys or books and introduce them on the flight so the baby had something new and interesting to look at. Wrap them to keep them even more entertained.
  12. Use Meet & Greet Parking at airport. Last thing you need is extra waiting time/journey for the bus transfer.
  13. Invest in a better seat especially if you are breastfeeding
  14. Create a holiday capsule collection for you and your baby well ahead of time to avoid panic packing and over packing
  15. Ignore the dirty looks— you don’t need to apologize for your baby being a baby.
  16. Give yourself extra time at the airport.
  17. Bring some type of technology that’s fully charged.
  18. Use fun and colorful baggage tags to easy identify your while juggling the kids.
  19. Get some gel window stickers to keep them entertained.
  20. Use a family travel wallet with wrist strap for easy passport and travel documents reach.

Most importantly use your Prima bag as it’s ideal to keep you organized all in one place while you travel and you’ll have 22 lt capacity too.

🏖 Enjoy your holiday and create beautiful memories. 🏝

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