Sempre Baby Changing Bag

A Bag for ANY occasion

Summer is arriving soon! For most families, the summer season includes lots of outdoor play and road trips.  No summer season of traveling should be without Sempre Prima diaper bag. If visiting the beach, waterpark, taking a hike or a simple stroll in the park, this diaper bag holds up to every environment and will far exceed every expectation. Packing up the babies and heading out to experience the world will be a breeze with Sempre.  

Swimming is the perfect summer activity that the whole family can enjoy while attempting to stay cool when the weather heats up. The best feature is the insulated bag that will allow Mum to access a bottle for quick feeding on the go. One challenge that every Mum encounters and can agree is the nastiest is dealing with wet clothes after a day of water play. Each Prima diaper bag comes with a free matching swim bag. Finally! Someone thought to include bag to store wet, soiled clothes without getting other items in the bag wet.  For parents in the beginning stages of toilet training a toddler, this bag is perfect for those accidents along the way. Sempre has it all figured out! They have thought include an extra padded change mat in the Prima diaper bags. Wrapped up in within a sleek waterproof fabric- that is easy to clean—What a dream! 

Our nappy bag design is a neutral, unisex, and will stand up to the test of time. Toddlers may grow up quickly, but all though they are no longer a baby does not they do not require the essentials too. Mum or Dad may need to carry their essentials; Packing along with their favorite toys, stuffed animals or sippy cups. Taking a stroll in the buggy or pushchair to enjoy some of the sun is a snap with a wiggly toddler. Throw on The Prima diaper bag, hit the playground in no time and be the talk of the Mum group.  

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