By Mums for Mums

If you are going to invest your money in this beautiful bag, you should know that I designed this bag for our little family first with the intention to use the highest quality material I could afford. I have tested this bag for months taking it out everywhere while on maternity with two – it was so much fun (slightly lying here). I love cleaning and organising things – it keeps me in control of a very chaotic life filled with two demanding children. I was born and raised in Italy so I wasn’t up for compromising on look and I seriously dislike Teletubbies although I wish them all the best!

By Mums for Mums is here thanks to all the other mums involved in this project with me, with their testing and suggestions which have made this bag complete and extremely functional. My husband has been involved in every stage of the production as he was the one who could never find what he was looking for when he was out with the kids on his own.

By Mums for Mums!