Preparing for your First baby ❤️

For every new Mum and Dad out there, the best part of preparing for the arrival of a new baby is buying the accessories. One accessory that no parent can go without is the perfect nappy bag. When shopping for the perfect bag, parents should focus their search on bags that are functional, stylish, can travel well and be ready for any occasion.  

When first considering functionality, two rules apply: there should always be enough space in the bag for both Mummy and baby and the bag should be easy to carry. Who wants to carry an ugly bag with zero space? Sempre Prima Diaper Bag does not hold back with meeting this need. The Prima bag was carefully crafted to create to offer the best of both worlds- a large nappy bag that is lightweight and does not sacrifice space and organization for a sleek, attractive product.  

Where this diaper bag truly outshines the competition is that Mum’s needs were considered in every aspect of the overall design. Touting an impressive 19 pockets, the Prima bag is all about making it easier for Mum to stay organized. Two hidden pockets to help prevent theft were created just for Mum to store her cell phone and bank/credit card.  No need to juggle a nappy bag and handbag again! WIN! 

Along with the sleek design, expect a sturdy clasp with easy access to a 22 litre space. The pockets are perfect space for baby’s nappies/diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys and a spare dummy (or two) and everything will be neatly organized. Mum can easily share this bag with her newborn or baby. For any new Mum preparing a maternity bag, consider the Prima bag as your hospital bag. This bag is perfect to hold all of the items that Mum will need for the hospital stay, but she can pack clothing for the new baby. Post-delivery, you will be all set up for your first journey out into the world: the drive home.  

If traveling for a long flight, long walk, or a day with Nan in the park, you can always count on Sempre’s Prima diaper bag to be the best choice as it is ready for any environment. The Prima is made of waterproof fabric with a wipeable base. Mum will be able to keep this bag for the long haul and expect to use for the baby years and beyond.  

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