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There is so much choice when it comes to changing bags but only when you became a parent you understand what you really need in a changing bag.  Over the last few years we experienced many changing bags and we found that no bag was good enough.  

Prima is the result of us trying to find the perfect bag for us and for you. 

It’s stylish, it’s unisex, it’s comfortable and incredibly practical! It can be worn in three different ways for maximum comfort: as a backpack, handbag or attached to your pram with the integrated straps. 


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10 Reasons why you should choose Prima over the others.

1) Prima is designed by a Mum of two and tested for months by mums before was launch to the public. It’s the result of making sure Prima is there for you wherever the situation might be.

2) We are proudly NCT supporter and they were so impressed with our Prima bag that we are now featuring on their website and NCT newsletters to the thousand of UK parents attending antenatal care.

3) A waterproof and wipeable base, so you are safe to leave your bag on the floor everywhere… muddy parks, dirty toilet, softplays… Keep the germs and stains outside your home.

4) Easily accessible bank card pocket which allows you to keep your bank card at easy reach. Are you in the queue waiting to pay? You don’t need to take the bag off to look for your purse – your bank card is in the straps! Are you afraid of leaving your wallet unattended while playing with your child at the softplay? Don’t bring a wallet and hide your bank card on the straps!

5) One safe place designed just for your phone, an antitheft pocket to avoid throwing your phone with everything else.

6) An extra-large insulated side pocket useful for you or your toddler, it can contain a coffee mug, a lunch box or a large bottle of water up to 1.5 lt.

7) Often we search the bag one-handed that’s why we designed a wide opening that snaps into an open position allowing you to view all bag’s content. You can also easily reach the bottom of your bag thanks to the back opening.

8) On the side of the bag, we placed the wet wipes dispenser. Having a hand free experience with easy excess to wipe can make the outing a completely different experience.

9) A wet clothes/nappy pocket that allows you to save the bag contents from any unfortunate accident.

10) Prima arrives in a beautiful box and includes a luxury changing mat with the Sempre pattern with black lining to disguise any poo stains.

What else makes this bag so practical?

  • 19 Pockets
  • 2 Insulated bottle holders
  • 2 Spoons holders
  • Extra padded shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant inner and outer material
  • Integrated hook for keys/dummy

Care Instruction

We want you to have a great experience like we had while testing Prima for over two years now. Prima has been designed to carry mainly babies items which don’t weigh a lot.

We have made the inner lining wipeable using a specific material but if you overload the pockets or put sharp object it will tear. If you need to get something from the bag while it is attached to the pram please remove it from the pram as when its full the weight will put too much stress on the stitching.

We have catered for your phone, keys and wallet but no other adult belonging together with the baby stuff otherwise the bag will be too heavy for the bag to last you a long time.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 46 × 34 × 13 cm

Large capacity of 22 litres


Two spoons holders, Integrated hook for keys or a dummy, Pocket to carry wet clothes, Leather snap fastener for handles, Insulated side pockets for large bottles/Tupperware, Back opening that gives access to the lower part of the main section


Hidden bank card pocket on shoulder straps, Hidden Anti-theft phone pocket


Extra padded shoulder straps


Strong magnet front pocket, Durable double slider zipper, Extra padded shoulder straps

2 reviews for Prima Luxury Nappy Backpack Changing Bag with Mat

  1. Stasys Mitchell (verified owner)

    Saw the bag on facebook really liked the style, arrived the next day couldn’t be happier!

  2. Charlotte Leonard

    A great bag! The phone pocket and bank card pockets are so useful and the clips to pop your keys on are great when needing to find them quickly. Love the wipe clean base if you have To put bag on floors put and about and the way the bag opens means you can access things much easier than a usual opening where the bag flops etc. It’s really useful being able to have bag on your back or holding it as a handbag and the straps feel really strong and sturdy. Finally, great colour and design, handy free swim bag and lots of spaces to put drinks bottles and snacks etc. Would highly recommend!

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