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Stay organised with Sempre!

Remember those old nappy bags of the past? They were unattractive, one-shoulder, one-pocket, bulky and resembled a tote that one would consider taking along to the gym for a workout. Reaching inside to retrieve a simple nappy would mean tearing the ENTIRE bag to shreds because the last nappy was hiding at the bottom. Say bye-bye to the eyesore and mess! Designed by a Mum with other Mums in mind, Sempre Prima Diaper Bag is the perfect organization solution and best gift for any Mum.  

All Mums will agree that organization is the key to sanity. In case you’ve missed it, babies come with a lot of needs and TONS of accessories—bottles, wipes, and nappies, oh my! These articles can be easily misplaced in other bags that lack storage and organization.  Parenting small children can already be stressful when your newborn is crying because they are hungry and your toddler is 2 seconds away from a meltdown because Mum is feverishly looking for a misplaced toy. Having access to everything that you need neatly in its place and allows for easy access is a top priority.   

The Prima diaper bag has multiple points of entry with durable pockets designed to hold everything. Milk can be neatly tucked away in an insulated pocket for safe keeping.  Water bottles, tissues, toys, etc. can be stored on side pockets. Extra clothing goes right inside along with everything else.  For Mums on maternity leave, consider using this bag for the hospital to pack all of the essential items as it will easily fit items for both Mom and Baby once they leave the hospital nursery for home.  

Needing a sturdy bag that that is comfortable to carry for longer periods of time? Sempre’s Prima bag has extra padded straps which allow for Mum and Dad to be comfortable carrying a backpack for an extended period of time or can hang freely on select stroller and pram models on the market currently. Parents rejoice—no need to keep re-adjusting a bulky bag every step of the way.   

What about extras? Each bag includes a free extra padded changing mat and a matching swim bag! What haven’ they thought of? Perfect for a day out and about, Mum’s can use the extra padded changing mat for quick nappy changes on the go that keep baby comfortable. Additionally, the mat is especially helpful to protect your baby and toddler from germs lurking around on public diaper changing stations that could be harmful.  

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