Terms and Conditions


We want you to have a great experience like we had while testing Prima for over two years now. Prima has been designed to carry babies’ items which are lightweight.

We have made the inner lining wipeable using a specific material, therefore, you can’t overload the pockets, put a sharp object inside the pocket or use the bag as a handbag for adults belonging as it will tear.

We have catered for your phone, keys and wallet but don’t carry other adult belonging together with the baby stuff otherwise the bag will be becoming too heavy and the stitching together with the material will tear.

If you need to get something from the bag while it is attached to the pram you’ll need to remove it from the pram as when its full the weight will put too much stress on the stitching.


How quickly do we ship?

We aim to ship orders within 24 hours from your order. If you order on the weekend, please note that we do not work every weekend, therefore expect your order to be shipped out from Sempre HQ the next business day! 🙂

How much is shipping?

We use Royal Mail signed delivery. If you haven’t received your order after 3 working days from receiving our shipment confirmation email please contact us.

Where do we ship to?

Currently, we only ship to UK mainland.


We check each bag after production and some parts are stitch together by hand. We endeavour to always send out quality bags, however, mistakes can happen  – we are only human! Should you receive a faulty or damaged bag, we will of course repair or replace it. Please provide a detailed description in writing, with images if possible, of any areas of damage.

Our return policy is only for orders that are 30 days or less from the date you receive your bag.

It’s pretty wild to see how Prima impacts your everyday life in helpful ways, so we highly recommend using your full 30 days trial before sending in for a return it.

If you still need to return your Prima, please get in contact with us and we will send you the return instructions.

By Mums for Mums!